Mapview API issue with fsMapViewSet2DViewLatLong setting lat/lat position


Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker

Context: Mapview API

Bug description:
Mapview API function fsMapViewSet2DViewLatLong sets both latitude and longitude to the value given for latitude.

Repro steps:
Set value for latitude/longitude using the function, observe that displayed lat/lon is equivalent to lat/lat.

code at the breakpoint, lat: 52.814102262954201 lon:-4.1299259021911894 shown in debugger.

displayed in sim:

location on Bing Maps:
here is equivalent to lat/lat or 52.814102262954201, 52.814102262954201
at zoomed position, the imagery is the same as the sim.

Please let me know if this is a known issue or if I am misusing the API - I am new to WASM.

Many thanks for any help,


Indeed, there is an issue with this function.
It will be fixed in Sim Update 15.

Thanks for pointing that problem to us.

Best Regards
Maxime / Asobo

Hello @Skylizard8760

A fix has been made in SU15 to address this.
You can check it in the flighting version that is available now.


Brill, thanks.