Marketplace Conent Portal error - no ICAO in airport name

I finished a scenery that has multiple heliports and seaplane bases in it. Upon upload to MCP I got this error: " Airport titles should start with their ICAO (with no dash afterwards). Please correct the title in the package to avoid this error on subsequent submissions."

what am I doing wrong and how to correct it?

That is easy: the title of your package should look like this: EGLL London Heathrow International.

If your helipad does not have an ICAO, then you will need to make one up. Every continent has its own identifier letter. ICAO’s for North America starts with the letter K. Africa starts with the letter F and Europe with the letter E.

The second letter is usually the country letter for example Heathow is EGLL. The G means Great Brittian; F - France, H = Netherland and so on.

The last two letters is for the airport name. It can be any combination of letters or numbers. You can start with 01 and then move up from there until ICAO codes for the helipads become available.

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Exactly as space baron said
Just went through my first submission and have to tweak the title a few times
Title naming must be

“ICAO complete name of the airport”

It is really all about the title of the package, the one that is compiled in the .json and came from the TITLE tag in your Packagedefinitions.xml

(I have to say that I went through several default Microsoft’s and Asobo’s default Airport and most of them have several variation on the above , they most likely don’t have to deal with MCP!)

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Well, I understand that, but that’s the issue - I have 12 ICAO codes in my scenery, plus 4 fictional ones. It makes no sense to just pick one for the title, because it contains many. I ended up creating a “pack” which doesn’t have that limit for the name. It does make sense logically, because it is a pack of many locations. However internally it only consists of a single scenery, because all airports are within it. I hope that’s the optimal solution…