Material Animations XML

What is the XML syntax for handling material animations? I can’t find anything
in the documentation on these animations other than how to set them up in 3ds
Max. I’ve tried a standard part animation, but I believe this may be

Hello @HughesMDflyer4 , You can look [this
the-uv-animation.html) to get an good start of animation material as well as

For the XML part, I think you can use the template
Regards, Boris

Thanks for the reply! I think the solution to my problem was adding a part to
the Animation Nodes list in the Animation Groups window for that particular
animation. The documentation only mentions adding the material to the Animated
Materials list. Might be worth mentioning in the docs. :slight_smile: On the tools side,
the exporter gives a warning that keys aren’t found on the min/max frames,
despite there being keyframes for the animation of a material property, which
further confused me when trying to figure this out.