MATERIALS: Emissive Multiplier not functioning

Hi! I currently try to install emissive meshes into my planes cockpit. The
only thing that I dont get managed is to get the emissive meshes to the
correct maximum brightness, they are much to bright. The material setup is
corresponding to the asobo samples. I tried to turn down the brightness via
the 3dsmax material editor dialogue using the EmissiveMultiplier variable. But
testing the material changes inside the sim shows never a change. I used
values from 0.1 to 1.0: Always the same result. I use the SDK 0.20 and 3DSMAX

All you have to do is multiply to get the emissive value lower. This 0.5 will
reduce by half. So instead of trying to set the value in the 3ds max you need
to do it in the code. By default it’s 1.0 which is the brightest value.
Normally this is ok. So without seeing all of you setup hard to say why you
need to reduce. But I too had to do this a few times.

          Light " Node="Light">
                    (A:ELECTRICAL MAIN BUS VOLTAGE,Volts) 3.0 >
                    (L:Light,bool) 0.5 *