Maximum resolution of heightmaps?

Hello! While it seems to be possible to give heightmaps any resolution you
want, the actual output still seems to be downsampled to a certain resolution.
Check out the following sample with a heightmap that’s 200x200 meters and 100
cols and 100 rows (so roughly 2 meter resolution). I’ve created a small
mountain with a flat top and marked the flat top red in the screenshot to make
it more distinguishable: This is what it looks like in Developer Mode:

This is what it looks like
after building the scenery and loading it:
You see that the actual result
is far away from the intended resolution. Even though the terrain resolution
is set to a maximum of 400. To confirm this I created terraforming polygon
with a minimum possible falloff of 1 meter that seems to be bound by a similar
underlying elevation map’s resolution:
Which brings up the question:
Is this intentional and what is the actual maximum resolution that we can do
with heightmaps?
There seem to be quite a few developers out there that
offer extremely high resolution heightmaps of about 1 meter in data while
actually that doesn’t seem to be supported at all.

I indeed come to the same problem. Can’t make any nice embankments at all, due
to the resolution of the terrain which is about 5x5 meter.

This has been mentioned many times. You can’t really do it this way. You may check Asobo’s KCGX
though, they integrated vertical 3D walls into the terrain very nicely.

Hi, The terraforming system has been updated, it will no longer use an
elevation map internally. As a result it will remove some staircase effects.
You can already see the result by unchecking the option “Ground > old
terraforming method” in the devmode option. For SU12 to not break existing
packages, a version will be set to rectangles and polygons. The new
terraforming method will be only applied when a scene is saved by the scenery
editor. Regards, Xavier