Microsoft.Flightsimulator.Simconnect.dll vs Simconnect.dll

Could someone explain the difference between the SDK dlls -
Microsoft.Flightsimulator.Simconnect.dll and Simconnect.dll Do you need to
have both dlls in the Simconnect client folder for the simconnect client exe
to work?

You need both files, but only refference the

Hi, SimConnect.dll is the dll used by a C++ client.
Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect.dll is a wrapper around the c++ dll that
allows it to be used by a C# client (type conversion, cast void* to object…)
If you use C++ to code your client, it is easier to use the static lib (…
MSFS SDK\SimConnect SDK\lib\SimConnect.lib) which wraps the dll or the full
static lib. If you use C#, you have to reference
Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect.dll in your project (which will
automatically be copied next to your exe) and add a post build event (or
something else) to copy SimConnect.dll next to your exe. Best Regards Maxime /

Arzop, thanks for your answer. Now I understand it because of your good

Looking in the documentation here:

The managed SimConnect assembly is installed in the GAC (global assembly
cache) during the installation of the SimConnect SDK, so it should not be
manually placed anywhere for your application to run. However, you do need
to reference a copy of this dll in Visual Studio so that it can resolve
symbols at compile time. As Visual Studio does not support referencing an
assembly stored in the GAC, a copy of the SimConnect.dll outside the
simconnect SDK msi is shipped solely for this purpose.

The only thing I found in my GAC was an old 32-bit version of the dll (10.x,
not the current 11.x version). Is that just old documentation that no longer