Misleading documentation of structure SIMCONNECT_INPUT_EVENT_DESCRIPTOR

Version: * SDK release 0.23.1*

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Context: SDK documentation of structure SIMCONNECT_INPUT_EVENT_DESCRIPTOR

Bug description:
The syntax for the structure SIMCONNECT_INPUT_EVENT_DESCRIPTOR is documentet as:

    SIMCONNECT_STRING(Name, 64); // The name of the Input Event.
    DWORD Hash; // The hash ID for the event.
    SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE Type; // The expected datatype (from the SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE enum). Usually a FLOAT32 or STRING128.
    SIMCONNECT_STRING(NodeNames, 1024); // A list of the names of the nodes linked to this InputEvent, where each node name is separated by a ;.

Apart from the documentation, the c-header file defines this structure as

    SIMCONNECT_STRING(Name, 64);     // Input event name
    unsigned __int64	Hash;        // Hash

As you can see, the documented field NodeNames does not really exist in the result and therefore it should be deleted.

See: https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/Programming_Tools/SimConnect/API_Reference/Structures_And_Enumerations/SIMCONNECT_INPUT_EVENT_DESCRIPTOR.htm