Missing Jetway Links

I know that there are previous reports on missing jetways but this is specific
to the link element. After rebuilding a stock airport jetway ends (Sim Object)
are visible but the jetway link (Library Object) connecting the end to a
building or other point are not rendered. They appear in the unedited stock
airport. Any build action on a project started from the stock bgl file seems
to hide the jetway links. I was able to create a jetway at an airport using an
external tool (ADE) and build the project via the latest fspackagetool.exe. I
placed the new package in the community folder and loaded the airport in sim
where the links show. Editing the project in Dev Mode and selecting the jetway
I created caused a CTD. Apologies if this has been reported before with the
current SU/SDK Jon

Hi Jon, Is it possible to send me your project ? I need to look at it.
Regards, Xavier