Missing option in material inspector, can't select surface type

When adding a custom texture I can not set the surface type as that option is
simply missing from the material inspector. Instead I have a “type” option
with “Code_diffuse” , “Code_heatedform” and “code_wake” in the dropdown
selection menu. I don’t know if that is a bug or I did something wrong, though
I guess it probably is the latter. I haven’t yet managed to make the surface
type option to appear, so if someone got any ideas it would be greatly

You need to open the Scenery Editor for the surface type to appear. The
contents of the material editor are (at the moment) set to show materials for
the FX editor, but opening the scenery editor should change it to show the
required inputs for scenery materials.

answered · 11 secs ago

That’s weird because I had the scenery editor open. But as a matter of fact
shortly after posting this, when trying to add another material it suddenly
worked. Didn’t know why and after trying again it again didn’t work but
knowing what’s the propable cause should help trigger the correct setting more
reliably. Will test later. Thanks for the help!