Missing samples in the SDK

The SDK doc has references to several SimConnect samples on this page:
I cannot find several samples (for example Facilities Data 1, Facilities Data 2) anywhere in my downloaded SDK folder, actually I cannot find the folder they mention in the doc:
<SDK ROOT>\Samples\VisualStudio\SimConnectSamples\.
The only folder I can find is C:\MSFS SDK\Samples\SimConnectSamples
Am I missing something?

Hello @swede001 !

May I know which version of the SDK you are using ? Maybe it is getting a little bit outdated…!

I suggest you to download the latest SDK available from the Dev Mode (following this page’s instrutions).
Before installing the new one, don’t forget to clean your SDK folders ( make a copy if you want to keep some changed SDK files ), and uninstall the old SDK.

After this you should find these samples here



Thanks, I had an old version! My bad!

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