Model attachments are not illuminated by cabin lights

Frequency: Consistently
Severity: Medium

Context: In flight, aircraft content package, loaded through any method. Model attachments can’t be illuminated and thus the choice must be made between the LOD advantages of attachments, and having cabin lights.

Bug description: Aircraft package which makes use of model attachments on their interior model is unable to illuminate that cabin using lights (systems.cfg!lightdef, type 10/cabin). The model attachments are completely pitch black as if they are not included in lighting calculations, while the main model is illuminated all around the attached object.

Repro steps:


  • Aircraft with interior model
  • On that interior model xml, attach an object (like a simple cube) using ModelAttachments
  • In systems.cfg, create a lightdef with type 10 (cabin).

Now to actually test it, you can export that cube as part of the main interior model, and then comment out the attachments. Or export it with the attachment active, and observe the difference.

Observed: The cube is black at night and not illuminated by the light when it is attached, yet it works fine if that same cube is exported with the interior and attachment is not used.

Expected: Lighting should be identical for the attached or non-attached object.

If there is a workaround we’d like to know about it. :slight_smile:

I can replicate this, it seems the main issue is, the internal cabin lights defined in that way, don’t behave exactly as a standard Dynamic light placed in a 3d model.

If you use those, even attached models are lit, even if the Dynamic light comes as another attach.

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Thanks, that’s a great point.

If I recall correctly, the problem with the blender light solution for us is that the lights will pass through the interior model onto the ground (and maybe onto the exterior too). The cabin lights (and some other light types) are specifically set up to only cast light onto the interior model. I recall this being really close to working but I couldn’t find a way to limit the range of those lights like you can with the lightdefs.