Model.cfg - display issue

Although my model.cfg file specifies that the interior of the cockpit and the
exterior model should never be displayed at the same time, it sometimes
happens that my two models are actually displayed at the same time. This
mishap was experienced by two of my testers and me, under SU7. It seems that
in all previous tests, with Su6 or earlier, the problem never occurred…!
Unfortunately, I could not find the exact context of this unsubmitted display.
Here are the contents of my mnodel.cfg :

; Reference LOD implementation, please keep these comments (for now).

; if true, when showing the exterior, also show the interior model (default false)
; if true, when showing the interior with the exterior, exclude interior.lod.0 (default false); only has an effect when withExterior_showInterior is true
; when showing the interior, force showing lod0 (default true)
; when showing the interior, also show the exterior model (default false)


Thank you to check the thing and to rectify…!