Model XML can include local file with Components?

Q: Should I be able to import “Components” from another file into my model XML
using ? In my model XML I have tried to use


with the idea of including some Component entries, so the myfile.xml being in
the same folder as the main model XML & containing:

The basic development concept was to put a component inline in the original
model XML file so I can confirm that works, then move it out into myfile.xml
and import them with the tag, but I can’t find a combination that would get
that to work. My “myfile.xml” is in the “model” folder, i.e. the same folder
as the interior model XML file. Is this a use-case I should be able to get
working and I’ve just misunderstood something, or is only intended for
templates? FWIW I have working like a boss with a ModelBehaviorDefs folder,
where that XML can be the complete model XML structure so there’s not much to
go wrong. The docs don’t currently refer to what can go in the actual
‘RelativeFile’ and I note all imported Asobo template files are outermost
rather than and only contain templats but I tried modelBehaviors also with no
success with my Component content.

The RelativeFile=“myfile.xml”/> is for your custom library
(ModelBehaviorDefs) so that your library can have more than one folder of
templates. So your templates are organized. It also allows some xml
directories to call to more than one as seen for the Common.XML. Examples of
the Asobo xml files are Common, Generic and Exterior. See image. It is not for
the model folder interior or exterior xml files. These only use (Notice the
name ModelBehaviorFile) so that you can call the default Asobo library or your
own custom library.

ah thanks - that’s clear now.

An additional note here is with “Include” from the ModelBehaviorDefs folder,
you can include TEMPLATES but not COMPONENTS. If your requirement is to have
common Components between planes then you can wrap those in a Template, put
the XML file in your ModelBehaviorDefs/yourPlane folder, and then in your
SimObject model XML you can Include that XML file. E.g. I have generic
components e.g. using ASOBO_GT_Update to do useful things like calculate the
Total Energy variometer reading needed by any glider. Easy when you know the
answer, simply wrap each of your common components in a Template and
UseTemplate that. Had me puzzled for a long time though, I was thinking of the
“Include” as more of a straight file import along the lines of #include in C.