Modellib object not showing up in the SDK Airport project. [Created using SDK wizard]. What am i doing wrong?

I am trying to get my modellib object [ Pilot Petes Building] to show up in the SDK object menu. I built this project using the SDK wizard. The folder structure is a bit strange [ see pic]. t projects, the modellib folder was usually inside the packagesources folder . With this SDK airport package creation, it seems to be within subfolders inside packagesources. When i build the package, yesterday it was showing as compiled. I could see the pilotpetesbuilding.bgl get mentioned and the textures were getting compiled. But this morning, when i rebuilt package, the Console does not show any mention of the Pilot petes Building. It is consistently not showing up in the Object Menu

Can someone see the images and maybe figure out what i am doing wrong ? thankyou

as a start i would remove everything that fire errors

I just created a sample Airport using the SDK wizard, and no MarketplaceData in showing up, so you better remove that AssetGroup

about the ModelLib location, as soon as the models (gltf/bin/xml) are where the AssetGroup AssetDir says they are, it is ok