Mouse Wheel Commands not received in WASM

Hello, according to the WASM SDK, we have the ability to receive these WASM
mouse commands: MOUSE_WHEEL_UP MOUSE_WHEEL_DOWN However, these events are not
received by the WASM gauge inside the mouse_callback. What can we do to
receive these events?

Hello @tiberiu11 , This issue is under
investigation and I will keep you updated when I know more. Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris1 Is there any news on this bug? Will we
be able to expect a fix for the next SU? Thank you.

Hello @tiberiu11 , This is still under
investigation. I don’t think this will be fixed for SU11. I’ll let you know
when I have news about this. Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris1 , Now that SU11 is out, I am wondering
if there is a favorable response regarding this bug, hopefully for SU12. Thank

Hi @tiberiu11 , It’s more complicated than
expected. We should think about a way to focus on the instructions to avoid
side effects.For now, I can’t give you any ETA about a fix because design and
development will take some time. Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris As we have entered 2023, is there any more news on this? Thank

Hello @Boris , I am writing to inquire if there is more news on this? Thank

Hello @tiberiu11 , Sorry, I missed your previous comment. No, there is still
no news about this, Regards, Boris

Hello @Boris As SU12 was recently released, is there any update on the Mouse
Wheel for WASM gauges? Thank you.

Hello @tiberiu11 , No update on this subject but I’ll keep you posted as soon
as I have news. Regards, Boris

Thank you @Boris

Hello @Boris ,
Is there any news regarding mouse wheel commands for WASM gauges?

Thank you.