Move the "questions and community" categories up one level

It would be super useful to move all the categories under “Questions and Community” up one level, so that folks can immediately navigate to the area they need to be.


The same subcategories are used in the Bug Report category so I think that would be confusing.
In some way, it’s similar to what we had on AnswerHub where you have to choose what kind of content you want to create before choosing the appropriate space.

And I’m pretty sure you can customize your user panel to have a shortcut to all questions or all bug reports.


Another option is to have the “questions and community discussions” category “expanded” in the nav menu, basically something to show where the real categories are so that folks can immediately click through to the one they need.

Hello @TheRealPomax

That’s something you should already be able to do by clicking the pen next to the “Categories” section of the left panel:

This let’s you customize the categories you want to see at all time.


Oh interesting. That’s not something forum software usually does for individual users, that’s very handy, thank you for pointing it out!

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