Moving platform behaving erratically

I’m trying to build a moving landing platform, Using a worldscript with
waypoints and a Groundvehicle. The vehicle follows the path correctly, but As
soon as I add a collision to the groundvehicle (either a collision shape or a
collision material), it tilts 45 degree and run away at high speed, ignoring
the waypoints too Any thoughts? Content provided as comment below

I spent a week making a thing like this. The problem seems to be it’s
colliding with its own wheels and you can’t decide where the wheels are. Try
moving the platform a distance from the center of the model. I may be able to
share an example later. Proof of concept (sorry, on phone) :

Thanks a lot for the answer!!! And the dolly pad is great, is a perfect
application for the moving platform With your suggestion, in my case, I find
out that I have to raise the platform up to 4 meters from terrain to avoid the
ground vehicle from tumbling all over I have also find out that the cg_height
and the wheel_radious don’t affect any behaviour Maybe the team can
investigate more!

Here! This is how far I had to
move the platform from model center. The empties here are where I approximated
the wheels to be after analyzing the turning behavior in the sim. This
placement is safe and prevents it from colliding with itself.

That’s is interesting and pretty much confirm the distance value from the
world origin I have also find Gonna try to move my whole model on the Y axis
too, should accomplish the task Thank you again,.you had the right intuition!
And looking forward for a tech explanation from the team, knowing how stuff
works can be interesting!

Hello @mamudesign , I’m not sure yet, but it seems like it was done on purpose
to keep the vehicles from being under the ground. I’ve already asked the devs
for more info and as soon as I get their feedback I’ll let you know. In the
meantime @WombiiActual has, I think, found an interesting approach :wink: Regards,