MSFS Autoland Behaviour

Hi, I see in the SDK docs there is a parameter in the systems.cfg
“autoland_available” which appears to have no effect when enabled. It isn’t
mentioned anywhere else (nor could I find any related Simvars or Events) so I
was hoping you could explain the behaviour of this. autoland_available |
Setting this to 1 (TRUE) makes the autopilot autoland system available to the
aircraft, otherwise set it to 0 (FALSE) to disable autoland.
Also, related to this, can you confirm it is a hard coded limitation that the
Autopilot will disengage upon touchdown in all cases? If this is the case it
would preclude any type of autopilot Rollout tracking ever being implemented
without resorting to external guidance through Simconnect or similar.

Hello @Palombe This is a parameter coming straight from FSX but we have no
support for this system in MSFS yet. Thanks for reporting it, we’ll mark it as
unsupported in the doc. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you for the reply! If some form of autoland does end up being
implemented in future, please consider adding support for autopilot ground
operations, it would be a much appreciated feature. Regards, Palombe,