MSFS Avionics Framework will not compile

Following the documentation here: <
mirror/docs/getting-started/setting-up-your-environment> a user in a fresh
environment will get the following errors:

> msfssdk@0.1.0 build
> tsc

utils/DebounceTimer.ts:5:18 - error TS2503: Cannot find namespace 'NodeJS'.

5   private timer: NodeJS.Timeout | null = null;
Found 1 error.

This is because it is missing the types library and section from the
tsconfig.json The user must first:

 npm install @types/node

and then edit the tsconfig.json file adding the following to the

"types": [

Once this is done, the SDK will compile

Build process also does not include the package.json file and so user trying
to integrate into project will get the following error:

Manually copying this file from the sdk folder allows this to then be used in
other projects. Build process needs to be updated (assuming)

Following on from this, using the tutorial to make our first component:
started/creating-your-first-component> This also suffers from errors, which I
can only assume extends from the initial build failures.

I didn’t even know this thing existed; looks great and very useful. Should be
linked more prominently from the main documentation page.

@dga FYI :slight_smile:

Hi @OzWookiee Thanks for reporting the issues and workarounds you found,
running through the tutorial. These are problems that happen starting from a
clean environment. Our dev environment already inherited these missing
dependencies, so we didn’t catch it early on. Sorry. This will be corrected
when the GitHub mirror receives the next public snapshot, which will happen
very soon. Regards, Dominik

Since late December, the Avionics Framework that was developed alongside the
NXI is open source and regularly mirrored on GitHub: It will receive more
content and updates to the Framework with every public snapshot from our Repo.
This usually happens alongside updates to Avionics (like the NXI). With it
comes some documentation: <
mirror/docs/framework/> The MSFS team hopes that providing patterns and
utilities with the Framework and the Avionics using it (as great examples)
helps jumpstart other developers that want to get into this. We are in talks
on where to place this Framework in the landscape and make it better known,
when its ripe for a bigger audience.

Thanks @dga just want to help make it better :wink:

Is the Proline 21 in the next release?

It will be on there, when it releases :wink: