MSFS Scenery Project not displaying in sim after loading assets

I have been using the MSFS SDK kit for a long time now developing an airport
in Australia. Although i have been working on the afcad at the moment until i
was unable to edit it today after my objects were not drawing any textures in
the sim. Although, they show up as items in the airport objects list for my
project. I have tried making a new assets library for the project to test to
see if that would fix anything but have had no luck. Now when i load into the
sim at the following airport i am working on it does not load the stock
airport even if i don’t open the

Would reinstalling the
sim help this problem?

Hello, Is your community folder empty when you start the sim ? Do you use
custom materials ? Do you have the same issue with another project ? Also, can
you send us the package source please ? (Select ‘‘viewable by moderator’’ in
the dropdown menu bellow the submit button). You can send us the package via
google drive / one drive / swisstransfer/ wetransfer … Thanks, Best Regards,