MSFS Steam edition on Chinese OS

Dear Asobo, Is MSFS Supported on Steam edition in Chinese OS? I believe MSFS
cannot be obtained in China… however got a couple of users reporting CTDs
when loading a flight the TL Ultralight Sting S4 (which uses WASM) on their
Steam edition’s. I have tried to help them to no availability, it seems WASM
work folders are never created on their PCs… (which are using Chinese OS).
Today on MSFS Discord forums asking for advise, someone told me MSFS is not
available in China, I believe these users got it via other means… but they
are able clearly to buy from the Market Place, however CTDs are constant with
WASM. Looking to know if Steam MSFS is supported for Chinese or not, if not…
then well this is the reason of their problems and I can then advise
accordingly. Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, Raul