Multiplayer "All Aircraft - "Shared Cockpit" info missing

The information about ALL/ Shared does not seem to be present (as it was in the FSX SDK documentation)

Rather than adding it to the description column, where it is easily missed, by the user, or those writing the SDK, would it not make a lot more sense to have it in a separate column, as it was in FSX ?

SETTABLE is in a separate columns… so should ALL/Shared with a definite entry for every Var, (Not, ALL, Shared).
NOT is needed to indicate it was a definite decision to add NOT, as opposed to not adding anything by omission.

Currently, in general, and this case in particular, it is very difficult to tell exactly What IS and is NOT, sent over Multiplayer, which is leading to all sort of additional issue, for both Users, Developers, as well as for ASOBO

@Nocturne FYI

Having a separate column for only a handful of the several hundred variables was considered a waste of space and as such the variables have been flagged altogether in their own section, as well as in the variable description for each one. This change was called out in the [0.21.0] release notes.

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UPDATE: Irrelevant as there is a seperate list

OK, so if its only a handful of variable out of many hundreds, and they are to be noted in an existing column (to save space - really, is space at a premium, at the expense of clarity) – then maybe there could be a separate list of those few variables, so one does not have to go reading through Hundreds of variable descriptions to see which ones are MP, and/ or Shared Cockpit. ?

Or if they are not going to be listed in a separate column, could their MP/Shared cockpit part of their description, at least be Color Coded, to make them easier to spot when reading through the SDK. ?*

UPDATE: OK, I now see there is a separate list … but the link to it is invalid in the current downloaded SDK

Note. In current downloadable SDK, the link to “Note:on Simvar in Multiplayer” seems to be invalid


bad link in current downloaded SDK


The next SDK update should have fixed all the links, sorry about that!


Thanks you - now I know it is there, I can find it without trying to use those currently incorrect links.

And YES, it is far better to have the addition page that lists all the MP communicated variables, all in one place :+1:


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