[NavAPI] How to find parking spot based on Jetway-Data?

Hey Guys, I have some issues to assign the Jetway Information to the alraedy
recieved parking spot information. The documenation is reffering in JETWAY to
PARKING_SPOT via "The index of taxiway point where the parking spot is
located (a value between 0 and 3999.) " But it seems the TaxiwayPoint List I
get does not contain a point close to any of the already recieved parking
spots. Did I missed there something?

ok i think, try and error did th trick. It is not the Index of a taxiway
point, but the actual parking spot number that is returned, is it? At least it
seems with the other two return values and the int32 i get, I am able to match
it to the already recived parking spot data.