Navigation aids/Route & waypoints: Translated texts are displayed incorrectly

Instead of showing the waypoint name, the string ID is shown. Expected text:

From the loc file: …
“f99mlu-bushtrip-norrland.Mission.7”: { “UUID”:
“a67a26c1-4651-4b3b-84ef-28c87f568007”, “LastModifiedBy”: “f99mlu”,
“LastModifiedDate”: “2021-09-02 18:17:05”, “LocalizationStatus”:
“TranslationNeeded”, “Tags”: { “Locked”: “False” }, “Languages”: { “en-US”: {
“Text”: “WP1” } } }, …

Hello. Can you try prefixing your TT reference by " @yourpackagename, "
and tell us if it solves the issue? Regards, Sylvain

Like this is the FLT file? Waypoint.1=!A, POI1, , @f99mlu-bushtrip-
norrland,TT:f99mlu-bushtrip-norrland.Mission.7, U, N56° 2’ 37.90",E12° 41’
32.60", +001000.00,

Well… that didn´t work at least… CTD when selecting the bush trip.

Hello. Can you upload your package so I can repro and look for a solution?

Hi! Files are here:

Ok, the coma conflicts with the way waypoint entries are parsed. I have
created a ticket for this and devs will have a look. Sorry for the
inconvenience. I’ll let you know when we have a fix available.

Any new info?

No new info. Everyone is focusing on SU6 and we didn’t have time to have a
look at this yet.