Need better way to pull a breaker for a pre defined circuit type

I am trying to disable a circuit for the starters and since the starter is
already defined as a circuit called CIRCUIT_STARTER:1 and
CIRCUIT_STARTER:2 the circuit is off when not used. And on when triggered.
So when I trigger an event to toggle off when this circuit is on, it’s already
too late as it’s not actually on for a few seconds. So the only way to get
this to work is to use an update section and flood the circuit off. I am
hopping there is a better solution or maybe new code coming in the future that
can always pull any circuit off when pulled. Toggles are the worst kind of
event triggers. Set is much better for this exact reason. Here is the logic I
normally use for a breaker switch.


Here is my update section that works but I am flooding.

                        (L:GENERIC_CIRCUIT_START) 1 == (A:CIRCUIT ON:2, Bool) 1 == and if{ 2 (>K:ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_TOGGLE) }    

circuit.2 = Type:CIRCUIT_STARTER:1#Connections:bus.3:-1#Power:400,496,20#Name:Starter_LH ; Starter 3500W

For every electrical circuit in the sim, there is a breaker defined for you.
(There’s actually a breaker for each bus which the circuit is connected to).
That’s in addition to the normal on/off switch. For things like gear and the
starter, the sim seems to essentially manage that switch state for you. All
other circuits are on by default. You can see both the switch status and the
breaker status in the Electrical debug, under Behaviors → Systems →
Electrical Debug. ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_TOGGLE [0] Source bus index [1]
Target circuit index So this can be used to pull a breaker between bus 3 and
circuit index 2: 2 3 (>K:2:ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_TOGGLE ) Of course as
you point out, with only a TOGGLE type event, we are usually forced to check
the state first. 3 (>A:BUS LOOKUP INDEX, Number) (A:CIRCUIT BREAKER PULLED:2,
Bool) This will put a number in the stack that is the status of the breaker
that connects bus 3 to circuit 2 (0:in/on 1:pulled/off).

Unfortunately all this I already know. Yes with a toggle event we are forced
to check the state. And that is ok as it’s not really an issue. But since
these breakers are already off my breaker switch is not seeing the state as
on. And since the sim auto controls these breakers when it does turn on it’s
too late. I was forced to flood as this is a conflict and works but like a
band aid. But is working. Asobo could make it so that any auto controlled
breaker will have a master parent breaker switch that completely turns off as
that is how breakers work. The auto on/off control should be a child to the
parent master breaker. This is vital and needed. Please use this suggestion

Hello @Flysimware By default, the starter circuit state is handled on the sim
side and as you saw, it is temporarily switched on when the starter is on
regardless of what state it was set to previously. As @davux3 indicated,
rather than constantly checking and toggling the circuit when it’s on in an
update component, you can just pull its corresponding breaker with
ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_TOGGLE. There’s also a second option, which is
to switch off the connection between the bus and the circuit with