I’m trying to use “PROP BETA FORCED POSITION” to code a custom feather
behaviour but my propeller beta doesn’t go to where I set. I set “PROP BETA
FORCED POSITION” to 1.53 radians, already activate “PROP BETA FORCED ACTIVE”
as you can see from picture but propeller beta doesn’t go above 0,8 rad, no
matter the value I put in forced position. I seems its hardcoded to this max.
What am I missing?

Use degrees instead, and watch your engine configuration prop settings where
you set the max angle of the prop and the minimum. Best R.

Thanks. The problem was that I had 46 as max beta in CFG. But this brings
another problem. I want to use “PROP BETA FORCED POSITION” to code a custom
propeller feather. But my plane only has 46 as max beta and 87 as propeller
feather beta. What’s the point of “PROP BETA FORCED POSITION” being limit by
max beta in CFG? Because of this we can’t use it to create custom feather, for
example. Can’t it be limit by “beta_feather”? It would make much more sense.