New Aircraft Editor, Edition of Cameras Bug

Dear Asobo, Something is wrong with the new Aircraft editor. With the previous
version, I was able to select the “developer camera”, and then click teleport
to camera to exactly see how the camera was configured, change the position
and save these back. With the new Aircraft editor, when I click teleport to
camera, you end up in the wrong position, or wrong field of view and it is now
imposible to tweak the cameras properly. Example below, I select Chuteview 1,
teleport and this is what I get:

While when choose with the same
view via the Camera Panel, it shows like this (the correct position)
Another example, pilot position
via teleport to camera: Real
camera setup via the UI panel:
As it can be appreciated, it is now pretty much imposible to adjust our
cameras, and given we have no means to retrieve the camera position, POV, etc.
at runtime with variables, I cannot either use SimVar watcher to know where I
am to set up cameras manually using notepad++ or something similar. This force
us to have to move things without knowing, and recompile each time to guess.
this is pretty bad… can we please get someone to look at this and correct the
Aircraft editor so it behaves as expected on this regard? Kind Regards, Raul

Or you know… give us a camera API so we can properly do it ourselves?

Hello @Simbol , The developer is aware of these problems and a fix will be
made, Regards, Boris

@Boris any eta? I was at the point I need to set cameras for a project and I
am now stuck… any way around or alternatives available? Regards, Raul

@Simbol , No ETA at the moment , I will let you know when I know more In the
meantime, you can use the previous version of the Aircraft Editor by
activating it in the Tools menu too see if its better for the cameras
Regards, Boris

ohh I see, was not aware the old one was still available. I will give this a
try tonight. Many thanks for the tip. Regards, Raul