New Aircraft editor: Inversion of AOA angle and CL

Hello again, i think there is an inversion of the table Lift Coeff AOA Table
in the new aircraft editor.

AOA.png Here s the screenshot.

Hello @oliv72 , I don’t have the same values of you but I tested few packages
with the new and the old aircraft editor and the data seems to be correct Are
you sure you didn’t updated some values by accident ? Regards, Boris

Je suis un éternel incompris :slight_smile: je crois que les titres de Colonne sont
inversés, car 3.14 est une valeur d angle …

@oliv72 Au temps pour moi :slight_smile: You are right, there was an issue with the labels
and it is now fixed for the next SU11. Thank you for reporting this :wink: Bonne
journée, Regards, Boris

Another table: