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I am extremely happy that the exporter for Blender is now included with the SDK! Damn well done! :slight_smile:

Over the last few years, I have come quite accustomed to the older exporter which was Blender2MSFS2 V0.41.4, which I used on Blender V3.0. It did not support any higher versions of Blender if I am correct. Nevertheless, it worked just fine! It had an option under the Blender Export menu that said “extended glTF for MSFS”.

The new exporter apparently only works with Blender V3.3 and above and I have loaded the exporter found under the latest SDK. It is installed in the Blender menus, and I have physically checked under my Windows APPDATA as well and it is there.

Now the issue… The option to export is not under the export menu… At first I thought that maybe I need Blender V3.4, so I installed that and the exporter, but no export option… The only export option is the one that came with Blender which says “glTF 2.0”, but that is not the right one as this one does not have the option where you can specify the name for your XML file. It also does not export in LODS, so this is not it.

I can see the changes inside of Blender and I mean all the new options that has been added, but how on God’s Green Earth do your export your scene? Maybe I am an idiot, who knows… but I cannot figure this one out! Can someone help?

This is what the old export menu used to look like. See the bottom option.

This is what it looks like now in Blender V3.3 with the new exporter installed. No export option…

Press N on your keyboard

So you can use the Multiexport with all the options and goodies

The File> export > glTF 2.0 works by the way, it just doesn’t create the . xml


Finally got it to work! Thanks “mamudesign”! Your reply put me on the right track to find the answer!

The doc file for those having the same issues can be found here:

This plugin is not the same as the old one. It is similar, but it works completely different than the previous Blender2MSFS. New steeper learning curve! :slight_smile:

I just wish MS had included this doc file with the SDK. Would have save me some countless hours of hair pulling!

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Please be aware the the exporter ONLY works with blender 3.3.x. There are breaking changes to shader nodes, that may cause issues with materials for Blender 3.6 and 4.0+


DA40CGDFQ, you are a life saver! I installed V3.6.1 from the Microsoft store this morning and discovered that the plugin generates errors when being installed. Now I know why!

For those interested, the Microsoft Store also has Blender V3.3 and V2.9 available now that the Blender website seem to be down.

A question to ASOBO - Will you be making a version compatible with Blender 3.6.x? As 3.6.x is the latest LTS


Is there any advantage in using Blender v3.3.x over v3.1?

If you are using the ASOBO ver1.1.6 and blender 3.1 you should be ok. Dont think there is too much gain to blender 3.3. Migrating from 3.1 to 3.3 has its issues. Suggest blender 3.3 and ASOBO exporter 1.3.2 for new projects. Its a matter of choice , if you are missing features you need.

Thanks. It will be great if they ever upgrade Asobo exporter to work with Blender 3.6.x as it has some nice features not present in 3.1

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