New to editing - project persists even after closing devmode

Hi. I’m learning to use the SDK. My first project is to create a mod to
overlay over an existing mod (EGNX airport) to remove the static generic
aircraft, and replace them with liveried versions. I’ve successfully used
exclude rectangles to achieve this. However I’m finding that even when I close
the project and exit devmode, the changes persist - is the mod location
hardcoded to the simulator? also - are there any performance considerations
when adding static objects. Thinking of FPS impact, Is there a render distance
cutoff where once I’m x miles away from the airport, my mod will no longer be
calculated / drawn by the cpu/gpu? thanks in advance

Hi Unfortunately even if you have closed the project the content remains in
the simulator. You have to restart the game to eliminate them which is
annoying. There is a topic related to this, even for texture change you have
to restart the sim. A voting has been created: For the FPS impact / render
distance I recommend to read the SDK LOD section:
And the principals:
To be honest this sim is suprisingly good optimized. It can really render huge
amount of vertices and materials at the same time. Of course when XBOX is out
we have to be more careful. But compare to FSX the limits are much higher,
still LOD is a must.

Check out the new Xbox section in the SDK Documentation, which has a lot of
good information on scenery and performance optimization -- dga |
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