No heli-turbine type in Aircraft Editor (SU12)

When I open my helicopter project in the Aircraft Editor (which has
engine_type = 3 in the engines.cfg), only piston and turboprop elements can be
selected in the Engines type dropdown. When saving the aircraft in the editor,
it ends up setting engine_type = 5 in the cfg file. Is this expected behavior,
why has the heli-turbine type disappeared?

Hello @aenbacka , I just tested it and the Helo-
turbine is in the list. The value is set to 3 when we select and save the
config. Can you send us your
project to investigate ? [
crash/77) Regards, Boris

I also now tried to create a new aircraft project, as well as open the sample
Cabri G2 project; also in these cases I have only Piston and turboprop in the
dropdown list.

Hi @aenbacka , I was able to reproduce this using
the category “Helicopter” instead of Aircraft. Indeed, this is an issue and
this will be reviewed. Thank you for pointing this out :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris1, Thanks for the feedback, happy that the
issue could be reproduced.

Hello, Any updates on the timetable for this fix. Currently it makes
development somewhat a challenge when the correct type cannot be used. Is the
only alternative to edit the files in a texteditor and compile with

Hello @aenbacka , No news on this subject for now. I will keep you updated.
Yes, the only workarround at this moment is to edit the cfg and to use
fspackagetool.exe to build your package. Regards, Boris