No ILS in flight plan creation menu

Hi all

I’ve a problem on my custom airport, LFMV Avignon : When creating a flightplan at the flight menu, the ILS don’t showing in the approaches choice. As if MSFS doesn’t recognize it as a possible approach. While it is present with it’s frequency , as shown on the first picture,
there are only the following options : Auto - RNAV17-X, RNAV17-Y, RNAV17-Z and NDB17 but not ILS 17.
Apparently, the ILS does not appear in Navigraph either.

However, I configured it with its positioning, its frequency and its ID.
On this airport, It’s

  • Frequency : 110.5
  • ID : AN (I now set ID to LAN to have 3 letters to avaoid this error)

I join a screen of the flighplan creation to show the problem

Maybe I missed something. that doesn’t seem right to me.
What could be the cause of this problem ?

Can you help me ?
Thank you so much

Hello @Lumat

If the approach does not exist in the nav data files, creating the ILS will not be enough and you will have to create the approach yourself.
Approach, Arrival, And Departure Definition Properties (

These elements cannot be created through the Scenery Editor, you will have to edit scenery xml files directly.


Thank you for the help Sylvain.

The nav data files you are talking about is in the default MSFS database (for example MSFS has planned an ILS, or no, for this airport) ?

I thought MSFS automatically adapted approaches based on the data in each scenery. For example, if there is an ILS/DME, then the approach to this ILS is proposed. I was mistaken :slight_smile:

You do not have to edit the MSFS nav data package files, you can add the Approach tag to your own xml scenery files.
Check the SimpleNavData SDK sample, it demonstrates how to create waypoints, departures, arrivals, etc… for an existing airport.

I’ll do that.

thank for this help Sylvain. I understand why I had this problem

Just a last question.

Is it possible to point out the absence of ILS, which actually exists, at this airport ?
May be an feedback adress for that.
For future updates

According to the France AIP this airport does not have any ILS approaches

Hello Tracernz.
Thank you for this information. that simplifies the problem !

But I can’t see where is written on the page of your link.