-nomirroring has stopped working in fspackagetool.exe

The -nomirroring switch on fspackagetool.exe has stopped working.Using it
results in the following error:

fspackagetool.exe Project.xml -nomirroring
Error: more than one XML project path given:
        - first path: D:\Project Folder\Project.xml
        - second path: D:\Project Folder\-nomirroring

I’m not sure if this started with the latest SDK update or the previous one.
Any ideas? Has something changed in the command syntax or is there a new
switch for nomirroring?

Hello Thanks for reporting this, this will be investigated. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @SFSimsDev The -nomirroring option has been changed to a
-mirroring so that no mirroring is the default behaviour. We have skipped
this in the release notes and doc it seems. Sorry for the inconvenience.
@Nocturne FYI. Regards, Sylvain