Noticeable loss of FPS and performance in DEV Mode

Version: Flighting SU13 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: What package? mounted from Community

Bug description: Opened a project containing terraform with height map (quite large 1° x 1° Latitude x Longitude ), when I activate “Debug \Terrain \ Debug shapes \ Vector data debug” moving with the keys on the keyboard in the four directions is very difficult.

Repro steps: Into Dev Mode: Debug \ Terrain \ Debug Shapes


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According to the distribution of those exclusion Polygons,
I think i’m the culript of the slowdown :pleading_face:

You will have to remove Powerlines from your community, it add millions of those exclusion polygons and when using Debug shapes the game will crawl
(Think because debug feature are not affected by Lod/camera culling)

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I can confirm what you said, disabling power lines the problem disappears. However, in the previous version of the sim with power lines activated there was no drop in fps and performance.

Hello @Gjanosh61

I just tested this configuration in vs and both give the same low framerate.
I logged the issue in case we think of an easy optimization but I don’t expect this to be prioritized.


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