Number of joystick buttons in SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent is limited to 32

Number of buttons for joysticks in the SimConnect_MapInputEventToClientEvent
function seems to be limited to 32 (0-31). Thus “joystick:0:button:31” works,
but “joystick:0:button:32” returns an exception SIMCONNECT_EXCEPTION_ERROR.
Anyway, e.g. Honeycomb Bravo contains 48 buttons. Any workaround for this?
Thank you

That seems to be something inherited from FSX, which also didn’t recognize
more than 32 buttons, due to FSX using an older version of DirectInput. Many
other games (Elite Dangerous, for example) have the same limitation, which on
a game with so many controls is quite limiting, and even the default Joy
Control Panel applet in Windows doesn’t show more than 32 buttons. More recent
versions of DirectInput supports up to 128 buttons, but it’s up to the game
itself to be compiled using the newer APIs and, of course, match it to
Simconnect as well. If MSFS can already see buttons over 32 on the Bravo,
perhaps it’s already ok, and the only issue is to change the limit on
Simconnect only.