Number restrictions of Polygon sides

I think I put this in the wrong area so I’m posting again.

Is there a restriction on how many sides a polygon can have when exporting to

eg. Can you use a three sided polygon?

I’m having major trouble exporting my buildings into MSFS, so I was wondering
if it had something to do with these three sided polygons that are in the

I have all the correct exporters for Blender 3.3, yet I can’t get a usable

Polygons are 2d geometry features, they are unlikely to useful in “building”,
which is a 3d object maybe you mean pyramid? Or triangular prism? in any case,
the exporter and the compiler are fully capable to export 2d and 3d geometry
Sometimes, the compiler throws out some “invalid triangle mode”: every face in
your geometry need to be converted to a triangle (this is the compiler job),
if it fails, is because you have bad geometry (maybe you are trying to export
a mesh with missing faces) Can you share the error you are getting from the
compiler, if any? Or the object itself?

Thanks for the reply. I’m in New Zealand so might be a hit delayed replying. I
knew I would be corrected on the triangle reference, however I just wanted to
make sure I was talking about mesh issues. Maybe I should have said three
sided faces or faces with three edges. Anyway your comment helps, thanks. I
clean the meshes for loose faces etc. I also clean the objects for old
Sketchup parts I used as a pattern parts.