Objects' Position is different in the SDK vs Normal Viewing

Hi, I am making an Enhancement Pack for the Premium Deluxe KDEN. In the SDK,
with the Scenery Editor and Objects windows open, I align my objects as I want
them to be, I save and close my project but when I go to view the new objects
I just placed in and aligned, they are all mis-aligned from what I saw in the
SDK view. The video may explain it better. Any Ideas? -Brady

Try setting the altitudeIsAGL to false in the scenery .xml for your Custom
signs Of course you Need to set the “alt” to, you can read the exact value in
the gizmo Window

Hi I am also having this issue with my EGHJbembridge airport. using latest SDK
build. 0.25 When loaded in with package in community folder my fence objects
are moving out of alignment. they are completely straight and lined up when in
the SDK. This is causing me a problem with some signs i have added, as now
some are appearing inside the fence object. as shown. It looks perfect within
the SDK

HI. The same thing happens to me. In the SDK it is aligned, in execution it
changes position in height. I followed Mamudesign’s suggestion, nothing
changes, on the contrary: the value from FALSE returns to TRUE after the
Rebuild. The object is positioned as altitude at -4 m. Bad problem. Giampaolo

If your fences that are not in alignment are created with multiple corners,
then this could be due to an infringement of the “multiple nodes not
supported” warning that is shown when we hover the cursor over a vector fence
entry in the Scenery Editor.