(Online) AI leaving runway requirements?

Hey, while oberserving some online AI operations at the WU2 KATL Airport I
found out that the Runway 10 is not connected to any network (bug report for
that will follow). Even without connected network, the AI landed on the runway
and was able to vacate via the grass to the nearest taxipoint.(The FlightAware
data do not show any taxi data so I guess the ground operations has been
handled offline).

In FSX, AI needed a connected runwaypath to the local taxiway path to vacate
the runway. Has this been changed in MSFS? Orr waht could have caused this
behavior? Kai

Hello @Kaiii3 Thank you for reporting the issue. This WU2 airport will be
fixed. The behaviour of the AI is expected. After landing, when no runway
typed taxiway path are present, it tries to reach the closest taxiway path.
Regards, Sylvain

Ok, thanks.