Only display simobjects at certain times?

I’m building the Vette/Blust Seaplane Base near Oshkosh, which is unused most
of the year, but gets pretty busy right about now. I’ve placed some static
planes to make it look busy, but I’d like them to only be visible during the
period of the airshow. I can’t find in the documentation how to do that, is it

you can use the Visibility tag in you model .xml, parent the whole mesh (or
all the nodes) to a dummy node a use like this in this case i’m showing xmas
light during xmas time only, that goes from the 342th day of the year (8
december) to the 6th day of the year (6 January) rpn says that when the local
day of the year is greater than 342 or ir less that 7 (so i between those),
visibility code is 1, true, so showing the Node, otherwise not showing, (0,
false) Hope that helps!

                (E:LOCAL DAY OF YEAR, Number) 342 > (E:LOCAL DAY OF YEAR, Number) 7 < or if {1} els {0}

Thanks for your reply! The planes I have added are the default planes, like
172 floater, icon a5, etc. Can I override their XML files in scenery?

Nope, you need your objects to be Simobjects to interact with sim variables
(like day of the year) (take a look at the recente IniBuilds’s Le Bourget,
they use the same tecnique) skecthfab has several free airplane model, most
are low poly, so perfect for clutter, you just need to wrap them in a

Thanks! I will check that out!