Open lightrow and vector placement for non airport sceneries

It is currently not possible to create custom lights and vector objects
without creating an airport. It would be very helpful if we will have the
option to use it freely, the same as projected mesh.

I had thought you could simply make an airport with a huge airportTestRadius,
and then the vector placement would show. But this isn’t the case. You can
place an object thousands of meters away from the airport, but the vector
objects will not show. I’m using the light sample as an object. I use c59 as
the base airport, and place lights at C59 (Delavan Wisconsin) and KMSN
(Madison Wisconsin) some 82,000 meters away.


So the problem is: at what radius does the vector placement show?

As far as I know, the Airport Test radius doesn’t have any effect on what is
shown in the sim, it’s just a setting that will instruct the compiler to issue
a warning in case you have objects far from the airport center, which might
be a mistake, so you set the Test radius to a value appropriate to the airport
size, so you won’t be nagged by false positive warnings while compiling.

Hi, Yes the “airportTestRadius” is an attribute from FSX and it is only used
in the BGLCompiler. It’s on our todo list to make vector placements and light
rows independent. Regards, Xavier

I find in SU9, you can make vectorPlacements out to 40km (40000 meters) from
the airport, and they will still work.

Any news on this one? Will we ever be able to use vector placement and/or
light rows outside of airports?

Second this, this is really needed! Also, please remove or extend the maximum
lightrow mesh visibility threshold on PC, currently it disappears within a
very short distance to the camera. I am trying to make the ski resort which is
a landmark in my town and the spot lights attached to the meshes of the lights
that light up the ski track disappear too fast.