Hi all, I’m trying to modify a behavior of my custom airplane in MSFS 2020. The flight model and engine files match as best as I can the real with aircraft geometry, contact points engine and so on. It’ fly well but if I cut power it’s sailing a little bit too much ( at 110 kt max efficiency speed should lose about 660 ft/m but now is about 200/300 ) . I’m trying to change some value on " oswald_efficiency_factor " but decreasing this value the effect is a rising of resistance. Is there a better way to do a little bit less sailing to my airplane ? Thanks

Conradsm, suggest to adjust rate of sink at lower speed by using the induced_drag_scalar section, or the parasite_drag_scalar to adjust at higher speed. Both are in the in TUNING section.

Thank you very much ElectronVolt, I try .

Hi @ElectronVolt
Your solution to work on that parameters was successfully, many thanks. Now the descend rate at engine cut off is as the real part.
Works like a charm

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Hi @ElectronVolt
I try to ask you if you know if there is a way to solve this last question. My airplane now when you reduce Engine power ( I mean at idle ) seems too much linked to the behavior of propeller . for example if I reduce at idle and put down the nose, the engine rpm stay high due the mass of air that invest the propeller.
Perhaps it’s not possible or if it’s possible I don’t know where or on what parameters operate.

Conradsm - that’s more difficult. You could try the “idle_rpm_friction_scalar” in the engines.cfg, propeller section.

Thanks a lot. I try this also. oh I can imagine that’s could more difficult. But I try.

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