Overriding part of another developer's scenery

I’m developing a scenery that has a small part that should override another
developer’s scenery (because it would be a more detailed model). I’d like my
scenery to still be compatible because otherwise they would complete each
other, and not compete. Unfortunately, my creator name is higher
alphabetically than theirs, so as far as I understand, just placing an
exclusion rectangle wouldn’t work, as another scenery will override it. Is
there a solution for this that would work in the MSFS Marketplace? For my
store I could offer a separate file for that area with a “zzz” header, but
that’s not an option for the marketplace, where it’s just one package AFAIK
and it should start with your creator name as a policy.

Hello @RomanDesign , PC users may use the scenery package order tool to
reorder their packages, but other than that, I’m afraid there’s no other

Regards, Boris

OK, thanks. As it won’t work for XBox and involves some tinkering on PC that
not everyone is familiar with, or even aware of, looks like I should avoid any
conflicting areas altogether. Even if I instruct people to reprioritize
packages, most won’t see that and will end up with duplicate scenery…