PaintedLine types are not in alphabetical order in Properties window

Version: SU/AAU/WU XX - 1.XX.XX.X SU 15 -

Frequency: Once/Rarely/Frequently/Consistently Consistently

Severity: Low/High/Blocker Low

Context: What package? In edition or mounted from Community? In main menu or in flight? etc… Not sure what “edition” means in this context. In scenery editor.

Bug description:
(This is certainly a low-priority bug, but it’s a quality of life issue when editing a lot of PaintedLines, like in the World Hub.)

If you create a PaintedLine and then go to its properties, the properties are all out of order. As you can see, they go from “D” to “H” to E" and then back to “H” in the attached screenshot #1. This makes it difficult to find things.

I believe this to be a bug and not an enhancement request because if you go to the Objects window and find “PaintedLine” in the Object type drop-down, all of the different types are alphabetized in Objects list (see screenshot #2).

Repro steps:

  1. In the Scenery Editor, open the Objects window and set the Object type drop-down to “PaintedLine.”
  2. Notice that the list of PaintedLine types are in alphabetical order.
  3. Click “Add” and create a PaintedLine somewhere.
  4. Click on that PaintedLine that you just created.
  5. Open the Properties window and open the Type drop-down.

Expected result:
The different types of PaintedLine are in alphabetical order.

Observed result:
The different types of PaintedLine are out of order (see screenshot #1).


Properties window showing the PaintedLine types out of order:
Properties window

They are all alphabetized in the Object window:
Object window

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