Payload Station - A vars and cfg values - documentation

Some descriptions on payload are confusing and incorrect:

Payload station count - is it
not 1-15? Payload station name - lulls the literal text in the cfg, not the TT
name translation Payload station num simobjects - what is this? Payload
station object - what is this and description is not correct - assumed it
would pull the station name type from the cfg - 0 to 6 (that would be useful)

  • or maybe the station_name Station weight - good job Pulling the A:vars value
    in the cfg example pulling the station_name using an avar would be nice - or
    is it somewhere else.

Let’s also get a var to know where those stations are located (x, y, z). Right
now it’s impossible to calibrate weight & balance in a generic fashion.

@Nocturne @tlegorju Probably something you want to review