Performace issue - Areas with AltitudeIsAGL=True

A customer of mine has created a mission with 200+ ProximityTriggers and
200+Areas connected to those ProximityTriggers. 50 of these areas have
AltitudeIsAGL=True, the others have it set to false. The FPS breaks down to 5
FPS on the runway, instead of 50+ as it normally would. Changing AltitudeIsAGL
to false for 25 areas will result in about 15-20 FPS, changing it to false for
all will bring back the full FPS at 50+ for the user. Would you happen to
check if there is a better solution for this. Many thanks in advance, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC , Can you send us the project or ask your customer to do so,
please ? See [
crash/77) Regards, Boris

I’ve asked for permission. If not, I will create two small for test purposes,
one with True and same with False? Do you prefer the Bordeaux area or Seattle?

Why not Seattle ? I’ve never been there yet :wink: Thank you, Regards, Boris

Sorry, the user has given his OK. So no Seattle, but this trip is also awesome

Thanks again and let me know if you need more information.

The zip contains 2 trips, one with bad FPS and one with good. The difference
is only the AltitudeIsAGL flag. Each trip in source code and package to copy
for community.

Thanks again, BuffyGC