Photogrammetry off causes CTD

Hi! I have a problem where MSFS photogrammetry off causes CTD at Alicante LEAL
airport. I was developing my freeware LEAL scenery and now for some reason I
get CTD everytime at that airport even with just the default airport and empty
community folder. I have Iberia world update installed and everything used to
work fine, but now for some reason everytime i spawn or approach the LEAL
airport, photogrammetry off causes CTD. I have tried deleting rolling cache,
deleting Scenery indexes and emptying Content.xml but none of these have made
any difference. This problem exists for me only at that one airport, and i
tried with one other dev and he didn’t face any problems with the default
airport or my updated (WIP) LEAL scenery. Would appreciate if someone could
help! Thanks.

Hello @hergi1234 , Are you on SU8 or SU9 ? Did you try to reinstall IBERIA ?
Can you send us a full dump file please ? See [section 2) and 3)
bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Well whatever the problem was it seems to have disappeared on its own after
flying in different parts of the world or maybe some magic. Reinstalling or
disabling Iberia update had no effect. So everything seems to be normal again.

Happy to hear that you don’t have the issue anymore :slight_smile: Thanks for the
feedback, Regards, Boris

Hello. I have the same issue. However, mine did not fix itself by a miracle
and it is definitly an issue that is still present and should be looked into!
Tried it several tines with 3rd party addons and without and the only variable
causing a ctd is photogrammetry turned off.

Hello @MichaelWimmer Then, as Boris mentioned, we would need a dump file to
see what’s happening exactly. Can you provide one please? Regards, Sylvain

Well, I am more than happy to provide one; Could you please tell me how to
create one? I am not a developer. I am just here because I found this article
during my research. I guess the windows eventviewer log is not enough, is it?

How to generate and send this dump file is explained here: