Pink checkerboard insim (custom objects)

Hello! Another problem I’ve encountered is that an object, with 2 LODs, does
not display texture but a pink checkerboard. LODs have different texture sets.
LOD1 displays normally, LOD0 - with pink checkerboard. LOD0 has an emissive
map too (while second LOD doesn’t). Before I’ve applied the emissive to the
LOD0, it was displayed correctly too. The textures are present in the right
path. Also, if I open the GLTF file with the Arno’s Model Converter X, the
emissive map is present and is represented correctly. Hope you can help me
with that! Attached the files…Bulb

Hello, I just tried with your object and everything works for me in SU11. Try
to clean your community folder and use the “Build All” function to see if it’s
better. Regards, Boris

Did a “Clean all” then “Build all” and it seem to work now like it should.
However, I used to build packages with fspackagetool.exe… Maybe here is the

fspackagetool.exe is fine but you need to delete the packages folder,
_PackageInt and PackagesMetadata. This is the same as a Clean ALL. Then do a