Pink texture on export (blender)

I am using Blender 3.0 to develop my aircraft. I have started 3 projects and
texture the exterior and even some of the interior without issues in-game. But
at some point, I’ll load up a texture that I created in photoshop, export it
to the game, and get pink textures. I named a texture “wood” for example. The
only error I get in the console regarding this texture is “failed to convert
texture “wood” texture. Can anyone please help?! I’ve tried reinstalling the
MSFS toolkit for blender and still have issues. Even when starting a new

Hello @wnpilot101 , I suggest you to use the latest version of the Asobo MSFS
Blender plugin which only works for Blender versions >= 3.1.0 and try to
export again Did it solve your issue ? Also, if you have any problem with the
official Asobo MSFS plugin for Blender, you can check/open a issue here: Regards, Boris

This worked!! Thank you so much!