PLANE IN PARKING STATE for ground aircraft

My ForeFlight traffic sending is sending all aircraft, even the “Ground
aircraft” that the sim is putting in. I’m trying to filter out these parked
aircraft to emulate the fact that ADS-B would be turned off on any aircraft
that are parked at the gate. Unfortunately PLANE IN PARKING STATE is not
returning true on these. Should I expect this to be working or is this
something that is not yet implemented? Is there another way to determine if a
plane is in a powered-off state for AI and Ground Aircraft that i can filter

@eklynx, I have made a branch of astenlund/fs2ff to use GDL90 protocol instead
of Xplane for better EFB support (My main EFB is Garmin Pilot). While working
on that I ran into this exact annoyance. What I did was to check the traffic’s
transponder state and if off don’t send it to the EFB:
AddToDataDefinition(DEFINITION.Traffic, “TRANSPONDER STATE:1”, null,
SIMCONNECT_DATATYPE.INT32); This seemed to make the most sense to me, a plane
with an off transponder probably doesn’t have ADS-B on. Planes that are parked
(powered down) don’t show up as traffic on the EFB. There is a separate bug
that multiplayer traffic doesn’t show up at all :frowning: My branch is here feal free
to get it a go: jeffdamp-wave/fs2ff.
One thing I would still like to do is to be able to pull in weather data when
it is not set to Live. That way the EFB can show the sim weather using FIS-B
instead of using real time internet weather. I just haven’t figure out how to
get the set weather over SimConnect.

Yeah, I ran in to the multiplayer traffic issue as well, which is really
disappointing, because I usually fly with 3-4 other people :confused: I’ll try the
Transponder state; that looks preferable. Thanks!

Well, trying Transponder State, and it always seems to return 0 for all AI

Hmm works for me you might have something else going on see:
wave/fs2ff/blob/master/SimConnect/SimConnectAdapter.cs) and see how
TransponderState is used. p.s. It can be easy to get the structure misaligned
and don’t forget you need to use :1

I was missing the index; the docs at Aircraft Radio Navigation Variables

don’t mention the index at all, just the enum values.

this might help show you which fields can use an index Simulation Variables

not for MSFS so some of the var aren’t going to work.