Please add a material option to prevent blue tooltip highlighting

I’ve noted that under certain circumstances, it’s undesirable to have the
pulsing blue highlight on an object during a mouseover event. Specific
instances that have come up for myself have been: - Press-to-test warning
lamps. The blue highlight makes it difficult to see the tested light. -
Translucent objects (window shades, gear handles). The blue highlight seems to
make the object disappear. - Panels / objects with a $texture assigned. The
blue highlight seems to interrupt the gauge drawing process. In the above
cases, all of these have been the result of the mouse interaction occurring on
a parent object; When an object is highlighted, the children of that object
are also highlighted. I’ve always been able to be creative and find a
workaround, but there are occasions when, in the case of complex animated
items, the workaround is fairly difficult to implement and far from desirable.
In the same way that a flag was recently implemented to disable motion blur on
a material, it would be extremely useful if we could set a flag in the
material editor to disable a certain material from being highlighted with the
mouse / tooltip system.

You can prevent this this by putting this tag inside the component code of
your model behaviour: NO_HIGHLIGHT Best, Raul

Yes - that can work, but it removes the highlighting altogether. What I’m
looking for is the ability to set that on only certain child objects. So that
the parent object can still highlight, but the translucent child object can be

Use a dummy/empty for the animation and attach all objects to it. Now you can
use different nodes in the hierarchy to interact differently. I do this for
instance for my hatches when latches are attached to them.

Yep, currently doing that. It becomes unnecessarily challenging when you have
multiple animated & interactable objects in the same hiearchy. It woulld all
be made much easier (from our side) with a flag option in the material.